Wife, daughter on drugs, Politician’s family on verge of collapse

A senior Politician in the Jubilee government is a worried man as misfortune seem to be following him and his family.

The politician who has been in active politics for about 18 years has found solace in alcoholism after he realized that his two women, wife and daughter are into drugs.

The wife is said to be a smoker and it only came to his knowledge after she borrowed his car for a quick drive to the mall.His daughter on the other hand is into hard drugs and is slowly turning into a zombie.

“She cannot function without any of the things she takes. Problem is nobody can stop her as he is the father’s pet plus she is supplied by her high end friends.” The politician’s aide told us.

The man of means is too deep into alcohol that he can fly out of the country to go enjoy several pints and then come back to his dysfunctional home.