Mother of two senior Government Officials rubs off mourners the wrong way

Just why do the affluent in the society rub it in to those below them in life?

An elderly woman is the talk of Kiambu County for her continued arrogance and careless statements given her family’s wealth and political standing.

The woman was recently heard telling off other women who had come to mourn the passing of her nephew stating to anyone who would care to hear that she has only given birth to the creme de la creme.

“I am not just lucky i am blessed to have brought forth the people who are part of decision makers in this country.” She was heard telling the women who had come to mourn with her.

This was in reference to her two children who are currently serving in two senior government positions.

The women are said to have left in a huff saying they had been disrespected for their wish to stand by their fellow villager.

The woman is known to have about 5 aides around her and is mostly around inspecting her vast businesses.