Financial Institution Chair paying young men sh5000 to lure girls to his bed

A Financial Institution Chairman is on the run after members of a church where he preaches came to know of his wayward ways.

The man, in his late 40’s has been impregnating young ladies and women in the church and was recently forced to miss three consecutive Sunday services after an irritated man swore to chop him to pieces for impregnating his wife.

The man who is a younger brother of one MP fro the Mt Kenya regions is said to use young men who always hang around him to reach to the women.

“He has been using the young boys always following him ti get him girls. If one is successful in luring a woman to his village house then Chairman pays him sh5000,” one young man said.

It is said that the man now has over 20 children in the Constituency he comes from and only a matter if time will expose his animal-like behavior.