Female MP talk of town for bedding University student, hurting her driver lover

A First term MP has caused a buzz in her Constituency after on allegations of having an affair with her driver and a former youth campaigner.

The MP in question was elected under the Jubilee and is not on record as having been married her whole life.

However the issue came in question during one of her Constituency tours where she invited her youth campaigner to a hotel she likes sipping a drink after a tiresome day near her village.

According to the hotel staff the 55 year old MP spent the night with the young man who is still in the University.

On learning this, the  driver who has been with her for over 20 years and with who they have sired together got infuriated and did not pick her up the next morning as agreed.

It is only at midday that the angry driver arrived and whisked her away to avoid more embarrassment.

It is not known how this will end but Word on the Street will be on the look out.