Twitter bigwig and social media influencer Adam Maina now launches own Safaris company

Popular Twitter star, influencer and social media legend Adam Maina is back to prove to the world why he matters – because he does.

The Twitter star, riding on the wave of Kenyans’ insatiable love for travel, the outdoors and leisure , has now launched his own travel company Mtembezi Tribe that is set to shake up the local tourism industry.

A travel buff himself, with several countries already under his belt, Adam has tapped into the fast-growing travel industry and seeks to provide much more than just transportation across towns – he seeks to create a memorable experience for his clientele.

Adam Maina’s Mtembezi Tribe began in Nairobi, where his love for travel made him share his experiences in a guide form, with this he pioneered a new style of luxury adventure travel in 2021 in form of a Safaris company.

From modest beginnings, Mtembezi Tribe grew from a globe-spanning network of guide and now aimed at opening destinations previously inaccessible to visitors and establishing a new benchmark for experiential travel across Kenya.

Now, Mtembezi Tribe aims to be Kenya’s premier luxury travel company, with an unrivaled legacy of creating memorable, inspiring adventures aimed at the new generation of travellers. Mtembezi Tribe’s approach combines singular service, authentic local expertise and beyond-the-guidebook insider access, all of which come together to create a journey of a lifetime.

Much like it’s rivals Bonfire Ventures and others, Mtembezi Tribe seeks to instill pleasure and luxury while all the time opening up Kenya to a much wider audience.

It’s a new home and a new experience – the life of Mtembezi Tribe.