The Bitcoin revolution is here, this is how You can buy and sell the coins via Mpesa

Just a few years ago, few people knew anything to do with cryptocurrency and the very idea was novel to especially millions of Kenyan who are now waking up to the wonders of the Bitcoin world.

And thats why, amid the Covid 19 pandemic, that has ravaged millions, left many jobless and more scrambling to earn a coin, the Bitcoin business has become one of the biggest lifelines for desparate Kenyans stuck at home, unbale to earn a living or even afford rent.

Bitcoin, the global phenomena that has swept across nations and permated society in ways not even the finest Russian shamans could foretell, is now a huge Kenyan undertaking with more and more tech-savvy Kenyans taking up the gauntlet and making their way into millions.

While the business is still fresh and burgeoning, Kenyans who are green in matters bitcoin have either found themselves stuck in the bitcoin rut or needing help to navigate the murky cryptocurrency waters.

And that’s where Peter Gicheru, the founder of BITPASHA, comes in.

Bitpasha is basically a platform that helps you make remittances and payments to and from Africa within minutes via bitcoin.

Its one of the few websites in Kenya where you can buy and sell bitcoins via M-PESA.

Buying and selling bitcoins via MPESA has now been made easier with Bitpasha and it simply needs a quick visit to the website from where you can do quick transactions within minutes of logging in.

BitPasha also helps their diaspora clients send money to Kenya through bitcoins.

Its simple, all you have to do is to just buy bitcoins from Bitpasha, enter the recepient Mpesa phone number and they will receive their Mpesa almost immediately,” says a BitPasha sales representative.

Cryptocurrency lovers now have an opportunity to jump into the bandwagon and join the massive flow of money-making gurus selling and buying bitcoins via Bitcoins.