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Two children who survived a grisly road accident that claimed their father, mother and three sisters, are stranded at the Coast General Hospital.

The two, aged ten and three, are unable to access their family home in Mombasa despite being discharged. This follows a tussle for the control of the deceased’s property.

Neighbours and sisters to Robert Bundi, the father of the two, have accused his brothers of locking up their Mombasa home while turning a deaf ear on the two young boys.

“The kids were discharged last week but don’t have anywhere to go. The door was locked by their uncles and now accessing the house to even freshen up the kids is an issue,” stated a neighbour to the deceased.

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“In a Church meeting with the extended family and neighbours, they (Bundi’s brothers) don’t seem to be concerned about the children. They picked on one of the brothers to take care of the children, but no action has been taken and the kids are still stranded,” stated a family member.

Bundi’s church, friends and neighbours remained concerned that after the burial, his elder brother, Dennis Nyamweno, took control of his property but has not been reachable even on phone.

“He doesn’t pick up calls. He is choosy on whose phone to pick. We suspect that there is a family tussle. As Bundi’s friends and neighbours, all we want is to see to it that the kids are well taken care of,” stated yet another friend.

Reached for comment, Nyamweno admitted being in possession of the keys to the house but insisted that nothing was out of control.

“I’m surprised that they claim I locked up the house yet someone (his kin) actually stays there. Can I really be unconcerned about the children yet it’s me who took up responsibility?” Nyamweno posed.

The two young boys, Mike and Venand Bundi, survived a grisly accident on Christmas Day that claimed their entire family.

Ronald Bundi and daughters Natalia Kemunto Bundi and Claire Kwamboka Bundi died on the spot on that fateful day. His wife Veronica Bundi, unfortunately, succumbed to the injuries three days later, while Marion passed on while in intensive care six days later, on new year’s eve.

The family was buried on a tearful occasion on Friday, January 7, in Boigesa village, Bobasi Sub County in Kisii County.

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