CABU GAH: No doubt, Edgar Obare is the master of the ‘poisoned tea’

His audacity, tenacity, willingness to bend the laws and thirst for ‘tea’ has made him a one-man TMZ: Precise, informed, timely and accurate.

He has permeated all spheres of celebrity life and crawled into the darkest trenches of celebrity secrets, dousing the public with flaming exposes on the private shenanigans about some of our most beloved stars.

While they put on a facade in public, or pretend to be all loved up on Instagram, Edgar Obare appears and ruthlessly dismantles the pretension with not just hot air but solid receipts.

He started off with random rants on YouTube and would commentate on emerging celebrity affairs but quickly morphed into a TV channel by himself that uses the Instagram stories medium to dish out the dirt and publish damning screenshots from a plethora of celebrities.

He has, more often than not, found himself in actual trouble for poking his nose a little too deep into matters he should have eschewed.

Edgar is driven by his audience’s thirst and feral hunger for ‘tea’ – a colloquial term for extreme gossip– and has dedicated his life to unearthing the dirtiest celebrity secrets and publicising them to thousands of eager consumers.

Radio legend Jalang’o is perhaps Edgar Obare’s greatest casualty and the two have sparred endlessly in the past over Edgar’s morbid tendency to, over and over, wreck Jalang’o’s carefully-curated public life.

Other major casualties of Edgar’s irreverence are Terence Mwangi, DNG, Akothee’s sister Cebbie and, lately, Instagram sensation Natalie Tewa.

Edgar seems to have no limits as to what can and cannot be exposed and seems to relish wrecking homes and rattling marriages for his own twisted amusement.

His notoriety has seen him face mortal danger and rant severally on how his life is in danger – But also never seems to know when to stop and what not to post.

To Edgar, nothing is sacred – Not a marriage, not a wife, a husband, children, nothing. He sneaks into bedrooms and sneaks out with material damning enough to separate couples or send some to immediate counselling.

It’s a genre he has masterfully mastered and a void he seeks to fill – that of the ever-growing desire to peek into famous people’s lives and pick out their foibles.

Obare’s vulture-like veracity has now landed him in the cells a couple times and he’s actually battling a Court case right now involving private material he published about a possible liaison between Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his rumoured beauty Natalie Tewa.

It is absolutely nobody’s business who a politician seeks to bed or bong and absolutely nobody’s business who a famous Instagram lass chooses to ride on.

It’s also nobody’s business who a famous radio celeb chooses to DM on Instagram and absolutely nobody’s business if a famous comedian is paying his child support or not.

But to Obare, this is business that we have to know for whatever reason and he will move mountains to satisfy our pathological voyeurism.

Obare may have his own gangs of rabid fans who support anything he does and his maniacal methods but needs to remember that information he dishes out may expire in 24 hours but the damage it causes could last for 24 months.

Obare needs to also know that the fandom too doesn’t stretch beyond the Internet and when the shit hits the fans, it will be just him and his slim cabal of friends struggling to raise hundreds of thousands of shillings for Court bail as he languishes in the cold, smelly cells while his fan base moves on with life as if nothing happened.

After all is said and done, the courts may not do much to curb Obare’s infamy and as long as he has hordes of thirsty Instagram followers queuing for ‘tea’, camping in his DM to line up screenshots and send damming exposes, this deranged business will not die off soon.