There should be a siren that becomes super loud if a woman lies about paternity of a child

Imagine a female pegging a child on a male. Because until birth, you can only insinuate or after birth, the child looks like the mother and the inner you decides to calm down, you agree to paternity. You raise kids that are not yours, they call you daddy while the actual dad is chilling somewhere watching you raise kids for him. And your wife or girlfriend knows about it.


It would be great seeing that when a lie is told about who the child’s father is, a siren begins from the mother’s body until she admits to lying and mentions the actual child’s father! Some of us wouldn’t be with the people we’ve grown calling daddy.


Men are raising children who are not theirs! There’s the bit where they are willing to and are taking up women who have children and have stated it clearly and both parties are okay. This is great.


Then there’s this. A man thinking pregnancy is his and raising the kids as his. Sometimes, the entire household belongs to someone else yet a man thinks he has a family. Entire household including the woman he believes is his are not. He will keep looking at the kid’s ears saying ‘this is not ours but from their mother’s side, I hear they have uncles with ears like this!


Because pregnancies don’t speak, women are doing the unspeakable! Men are about to raise a whole clan for other men and they will never know!


There seriously should be a siren that when you start saying ooh our baby ooh daddy do this or that and you are not the biological father, the woman just goes wiuwiuwiuwiu nonstop.


I had a conversation with Jared. He just separated from his wife and says it has been a rollercoaster of emotions raising a child he believed was his, bonding, believing he had one of his flesh and blood!


“My wife started acting strange. She looked tensed mostly which was unlike her. Something was happening but she couldn’t tell me. Forced smiles, sleeping longer, avoiding conversations…she wasn’t okay. So I asked about it just as a concerned partner but she insisted she was okay,” Jared said.


So days pass and her behaviour isn’t changing. Jared keeps hoping that she’d feel better and just speak. One morning while preparing for work, he hears a commotion outside and peeps from the bedroom window.


“I see Jane struggling with someone. Pushing the person away and shaking her hands and putting them over her mouth and looking back to see if anyone was coming. She quickly gives something which I guess is money and directs the person to leave. Everything looked suspicious but I didn’t want to get into it.”


She then goes upstairs smiley and helps Jared to prepare for work and checks on their son’s diary to see if she signed it. Showing no signs that something strange just happened.


Jared and Joe (their son) leave and the house is back to happy!


“One day I’m at the office and a message pops. ‘Are you sure Joe is your son?’ To be honest, this is the last thing anyone would want to hear. I loved Joe. He was my son! He was six! I was just hoping it was one of those random general messages.”


In a few minutes though, screenshots started flooding!


“If I didn’t die at the time, then I’m not dying soon,” Joe jested.

So Jane knew the child wasn’t Jared’s from the word go. She, however, knew Jared was capable of raising the child and giving them a good life. So she got him convinced Joe was theirs.


The official baby daddy agreed to be paid x amount monthly to shut up and for 6 years, he was on ‘salary.’ One problem though, his love for Jane didn’t fade and he just wanted his Jane back! So the guy decided, aaah ‘kama mbaya mbaya!’ Looks like Jane’s agreement with the original baby daddy didn’t hold and he was ready to spoil things on one end to gain.


Ask me again! There should be a device to detect the exact biological father of a child. That when you are committed to a man and have a baby with someone else, it beeps and shouts the pregnancy owners!


My only fear is that very few relationships will survive. Even you, are you sure you are actually your father’s child? I mean the father you know or have known all your life!