SIX People who stand to BENEFIT in the absence of a William Ruto Candidacy

Since yesterday, it was increasingly becoming clearer and clearer that there was an actually real possibility of an assassination of Deputy President William Ruto.

This was made clear after Four Cabinet Secretaries were summoned to the DCI Offices after they were accused of holding secret meeting at Thika Road’s La Mada Hotel to ‘plot on the killing of the Deputy President’.

What stood out was the fact that the Four CSs all were drawn from the Central Kenya region.

And as if to give credence to the wild allegations, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot went on TV this morning to claim that so real was the threat on the DP’s life that President Kenyatta actually called the DCI Boss himself to appraise him on the plot and to authorise immediate investigations into the matter.

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Why does anyone want Ruto out of the political way? Well, because he is poised to inherit the Seat of Power after Uhuru’s two terms come to a close in 2022.

But William Ruto is not the only one thirsty for the Country’s Top Seat. A few other political honchos are.

And that’s where it gets juicy.

In the unlikely event of a William Ruto absence from the 2022 Top Race,who stands to gain the most? Viusasa News takes a close – but very amateur- look. 

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   1. President Uhuru Kenyatta 


The President’s cronies have clearly pointed out – in public rallies, no less – that they wish to see him extend his term beyond 2022. In fact, at Kasarani, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko alluded to the same just two weeks ago right in front of the President who smiled along and even clapped along to the suggestions. The President has not attempted to shut down anyone who seems to want him to extend his term. We are not saying he is interested in power beyond 2022. But his silence on the suggestions raises many questions. And a William Ruto absence would surely work in his favor. Most definitely.

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  1. Raila Odinga

Its common knowledge that the ODM Leader is William Ruto’s biggest political foe. Since their acrimonious fallout after the Ocampo Six era, Mr. Raila and Mr. Ruto have strayed further and further from each other. They are sworn enemies. And have both waged the fiercest political wars against each other. Definitely, a William Ruto absence would be music to Mr. Odinga’s ears. The eradication of one of his biggest political obstacles.

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  1. Kalonzo Musyoka 

Ever the conniving fox, Mr. Musyoka, who has done particularly well in the past as the Number Two, would definitely not mind quickly taking up the DP’s place as the Deputy President as he positions himself for 2022. Kalonzo has done well as a Deputy President in the past. Both to Moi and to Mwai Kibaki. And this time round, given his notorious reputation as a political scavenger, Kalonzo would jump at any opportunity that would see him occupy the Harambee House annex Ahead of 2022.

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  1. Gideon Moi 

Apart from Raila Odinga, the only other greater enemy of William Ruto is definitely the son of Kenya’s second President, Gideon Moi. Moi has never hidden his deep disdain for the DP. And he has demonstrated that in the past by pulling off several embarrassing spectacles. The Baringo Senator is attempting to position himself as the King of Rift Valley. A title that currently belongs to William Ruto. It would definitely be good news to have his biggest turf rival out of the way.

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  1. Ali Hassan Joho 

The Sultan of Mombasa is one of the roughest rivals of the Deputy President. Their public spats have lasted for years. And the Mombasa Chief has never spared a second when it came to wrestling with the DP. Joho hates Ruto with a passion. And he has also declared that he might be gunning for the Top Seat in 2022. If there is a man who would love to see the end of William Ruto, it is definitely Mr. Joho. A man who has, for almost the past ten years, spent all his public life denigrating the DP. And calling him ‘Mtu mdogo sana’.

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  1. William Kabogo

Mr. Kabogo does not exactly fit in this list. But he’s better suited to be on it than any other person not mentioned already. Why? Because, according to legend, it is William Ruto who clipped Kabogo’s wings and stripped him of his King of Kiambu title. And we all know that, in Kenya’s siasa, the King of Kiambu is one very powerful individual. Kabogo hates that Ruto schemed to annex the Kiambu Lordship from him and have it granted to his fiercest rival, Bwana Baba Yao Waititu. Mr. Kabogo would love to grab his King of Kiambu title back. And then he could really be one of the Most Powerful people in the Country. And one with a real shot at the Presidency. But the DP still stands in his way.