BONFACE AMBANI: Even with Nick Mwendwa at the helm, Kenyan football is nonsense

Let’s be realistic and candid when handling football issues in this nation. It’s been the same story one federation after the other. Claims of improved football standards in this country make me wonder what criteria is being used to determine this.

Lack of facilities made us lose a golden opportunity of hosting CHAN tournament while Football Kenya Federation (FKF) under president Nick Mwendwa keeps on chest-thumping and making arrogant claims of improved ‘football standards.

Sometimes I think FKF doesn’t even know which part of the country has more football talents. For example, all of us are aware that Nyanza and Western regions have always produced greatest footballers, but I see no football development in the respective areas.

For instance, I would challenge the current federation to show me what they have done for schools’ playing grounds in Western and Nyanza in a bid to improve the sport.

I swear, 90% of players who ply their trade in Kenyan football come from these two regions, but imagine little boys and girls starting their playing careers on deplorable surfaces that only increase the risk of picking career–ending injuries?

Sadly, majority of the federation’s employees know nothing about football; and would be hard-pressed to address these concerns or offer any solutions. The bulk of the people who work under the outgoing regime were in the previous regime, so I say monkeys just changed forests.

All they have done is getting entangled in the politics of the nation among other activities I would not want to highlight in this article. As a nation, let our federation look beyond these cheap politics and theatrics.

It’s always the duty of the federation to push the government and other stakeholders to make sure sporting facilities are in excellent conditions and are able to host tournaments.

Look at Kipchoge Keino stadium in Eldoret or Moi stadium in Kisumu or even Ruaraka, Chemelil Complex, Afraha and City stadiums. Pathetic!

We could say we want to compete with Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria etc, but we have nothing to show other than empty grand declarations in media houses.