AOKO OTIENO: Twitter Feminists are bottom of the barrel deluded scums

Social media is like a marketplace. But between the fake news on Facebook, too much nudity and weight loss tea ads on Instagram and trolling on Twitter; we still have the plausible and pragmatic sellers who have imbued the social apps with some sanity and seriousness.

Twitter stands out though. A decade plus since the blue-bird, Twitter has grown to encompass an array of communities and subgenres. In Kenya, there’s the Bloggers Twitter, Influencers Twitter, Weird Twitter, Elite Twitter, Brand Twitter, Chokoraa Twitter (basically a group of loud functionally illiterate youth with internet) who strip naked, eat from the dustbins and occasionally amuse us with their theatrics. Then there is the Twitter Feminists.

Every level-headed human being wants women empowerment. Even the cobbler in Mathare who does not have a smart phone let alone comprehend the Jack app wants his daughters to have equitable opportunities.

Twitter Feminists use words like emancipation and empowerment to deodorize their misandry but are nothing but a cabal of beguiled, uproarious Colleens and Matrons who have no qualms about pigeonholing all men into one category of violent, abhorrent brutes and calling it feminism.

These are lackadaisical thinkers who are deluded to think they are better than all of us because they have mastered a few NGO words like “problematic, patriarchy etc.” They tweet with such hubris and ooze the stench of braggadocio you would think their Oblongata is diamond crusted. Each tweet is imbued with a sense of entitlement but at the same time victimhood. They feel more erudite, exposed and deep. The rest of us should cow under their bums and marvel at these Messiahs who through 260 characters want to save womenfolk from the manacles of chauvinism, male gender and liberate us all from a society that has done nothing but serve us a buffet of oppression and shit.

They have turned feminism into reverse sexism. Their biggest nemesis is men. For them, men are to blame for Coronavirus, all men are to blame for the one nigga who dumped them in college, men are responsible for Nairobi traffic, men must pay for their obesity, men are the reason women are poor at bargaining for salaries, oh, the weather is bad? Must be a man. Practically, men are to blame for everything and anything that does not go well in their lives and in the society.

Feminism today is being shunned because of the counterproductive manner in which many women propagate its ideals. For instance, when you find a lady who says she is feminist, it is often that she equates it with ambition and a longing to acquire what a male counterpart could as well acquire.

You find women who think lowly of other women who, to them, have low ambition. They dismiss other women who do not aspire for “greatness” in their own definition and who, maybe, are okay being housewives. You would find women who make other women feel uncomfortable with the simplicity of their desires as though feminism means that all women must aspire to top lofty positions.

This clique loathes men and abhor marriage. Most of them spent their youth chiding good men while waiting for Mr. Perfect and now in their 40s, they are miserable, angry and thus project their angst and frustration on the entire menfolk.

Since misery loves company, they want to recruit young women into the men bashing gospel so that as the rest of the women enjoy marriages and the warmth of their husbands’ embrace throughout the night, Twitter feminists and their recruits will be busy cuddling fat, veiny dildos.

Twitter Feminazi are the scum of the Kenyan online society. They have ghettoized the tenets of feminism and have conveniently forgotten that feminism is about equal rights for not only women but also men. Talk of selective amnesia. To woo donors and assuage their misery, they peddle balderdash like ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’. Can a woman urinate through the window?

Then there is the hogwash that ‘girls are smarter and more mature than boys’, bwahahaaa-hell no! Boy and girls have different aptitudes. Boys are great at systematizing while girls are great at empathizing. That explains why more boys find it easier to thrive in STEM courses while girls do better in courses like nursing. Both genders are uniquely endowed intellectually- so the question of who is smarter is neither here nor there.

Enough with the veneers. It is time somebody shoved some unpalatable truths down their throats. Wakimeza wakitema ni shauri yao. These women are nothing but attention seeking rabble rousers who twist any reality check thrown at women as misogyny and hate. They use cliché’s like ‘pick me, who hurt you, heal sis,’ and other cheap gobbledygook at women and men who do not agree with their f*ckery.

All they do is play cry babies who prey on sensitive issues like rape to elicit empathy and regurgitate the same nonsense we have heard over and over again. In the intellectual hierarchy, they are bottom of the barrel scavengers who wait for others- men, sane women, writers, politicians to say something that will trigger their doltish feminine egos- so that they can pounce like vultures.

Feminist are bitter women – those who have forgotten the essence and now support their clamor with bitter acclaims. Shun them like the scum they are.