AOKO OTIENO: Sponsored girls, slay queens and socialites are just differently ‘packaged’ call girls

One local TV station has been running a dating program that mostly attracts young men and women and whether they are there for fun or nay, the mentality they project in the guise of ‘fun’ must be called out.

Their latest episode caught the attention of many when a lady, 22, who claimed to be a student of procurement and logistics at Zetech University described her ideal man.

“I’m looking for a man. Myself, I also need a better man. I need a man who can cheat on me but anakuja kujireport. Then, I need a man who drinks. Nataka mwanamme anakunywa akinipeleka out, mi pia nakunywa. Though, I don’t drink because alcohol is really bad to my legs. They spread out especially when they see a car key.”

(Transcribed verbatim.)

Boy: What are your hobbies?

Her: I love creating dramas. I love eating. Clubbing a lot. Just entertaining wazee, kudance Rhumba, wabambike.

Then she went on to tell the guy,

“I need real money, yours cannot help, I don’t like it. Let me be honest, when I was growing up, I always wanted to marry a person who (was involved) with drugs, those people have money,”

The lass told her date that she was looking for someone who would pay for her Uber and she only wanted to visit leafy suburbs and not dirty estates.

She even ‘hilariously’ suggested that Sammy should actually introduce her to someone much older like his father or uncle that had money as he was wasting her time.

In other words, the 22-year-old said on live TV that she is looking for a sponsor. Girl is lucky enough to have someone paying for her fees in college, instead of focusing her primitive energy on her studies and becoming someone better for her child given that she is a single mother, she wants a rich Methuselah to upgrade her lifestyle.

This clique is influenced by socialites and that is where we will start.

The word socialite did not herald with the photos of bleached damsels with silicon fittings and fat bums posing naked and who have held social media captive in the recent years. The concept originated way back in the 18th and 19th century and included the wives or mistresses of royalty and nobility.

Those aligned with history will bear me witness that the position was established in 1886 and was based on birth, breeding, education and economic standing. They were women with standing in the society and who were well known for their sense of fashion and who spent significant amount of money and time participating in social activities, fashionable events, and entertaining others of similar standing.

Just like feminism has lost its meaning, the tag socialite in the past few years has morphed. This background information is fundamental just so this article is not misunderstood as meant to ‘insult” anyone.

As elucidated above, being a socialite in essence is about where one is from and their family. The real socialite scene is one of exclusivity, class, a touch of snobbery and connections.

Take Kim Kardashian, the Karl Marx of contemporary feminists, she was sired by Robert Kardashian who was a renowned lawyer and businessman. She came from an influential family.

The women you call “socialites” do not fit the frame above. These reprobates you call socialites are morally depraved miscreants and just, to put it bluntly, a bunch of high-class hoes and escorts who hide their debauchery behind the veneer of titles that sound less ‘incriminating.

Their wheels of extravagance are oiled by silhouette rich figures yet they mislead their fickle-minded and smitten followers with asinine tags like, “boss chic,”

The only difference between them and the ones who hawk their merchandise in brothels or make displays on Koinange streets is that socialites parade their goodies to the highest bidder through the streets of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

It is thus misleading and infuriating to brand the likes of Vera Sidika, Bridget Achieng and cabal as socialites. Are they socialites just because they pose nude, attend flashy parties or because they get tossed around like cheap corn on a grill by celebs.

Women shout about patriarchy yet they are enablers. You cannot claim to seek equality when instead of working hard like young men your age and compete fairly in the track of life, you want to use immoral tricks like getting sponsored to get ahead in life.

Here is the truth; girls sponsored by men, the slay queens and so-called socialites should stop hiding under the veils of sugarcoated tags. Just come outright and publicly claim your title as call girls.

Before COVID-19 stopped their reggae, Nairobi restaurants and clubs were thronged by older men sporting shiny wedding rings cuddling girls young enough to be their daughters.

Society has hyped this ‘sponsors’ charade and made it look like some sought of lucrative venture. Consequently, glorified prostitutes get lots of media airtime which has further perpetuated the notion that it is a ‘cool’ thing. The same media will run stories of how women should be empowered, how?

What society will we have when women have reduced themselves to commodities available to the highest bidder? Where are we headed when women cannot stand tall based on their intellect, acumen, empathy and basic sense?

Young women who should be focusing on education, finishing school, entering the job market, starting business, having fun, experiment dating their age mates are now busy sucking wrinkled shafts just so they can afford obnoxious and unnecessary lifestyle.

One of the socialites once opened up to BBC over the horrendous stuff they have to endure just to afford 100k worth of weaves. Acknowledging they are simply desperate for money, she said how they’d be asked to do nasty things like sucking toes. But since they want to continue living in a bubble, they to hold on to these emotionally-absent and abusive men. They are often at the mercies of these men who prefer to eat their meat raw.

Parents are also liable. If you send your girl to university and comes home with a car or wearing stuff she clearly can’t afford on the Sh3, 000-a-month pocket money you give her, stop smiling and shaming enemies. Sit her down and offer your candid parental advice.

Young women must learn to be independent which translates to having the confidence to make your own decisions and choices, having the finances to buy whatever you want without needing a man/family members. It means being strong and secure in your own person.

Independence is a powerful gift that a woman can give to herself. It can lead her to reach greater heights and achieve higher goals. Being independent makes a woman feel responsible and boosts morale.

This you cannot achieve by lying on your back to carry a big-bellied grandpa with hairy chest, bad breath and a huge backside just because he flies you to Malindi.

Make your honest, legit money.