Ambassador Macharia Kamau, You are OUT OF ORDER!

Twitter has been set ablaze by some very nonsensical, vexing and diabolical tweets by a man who not only holds public office but a man who, by the virtue of the office he holds, needs to act better, know better and tweet better – If at all he should even be tweeting at all.

The man in question is one Ambassador Macharia Kamau, a son of a PCEA Church Moderator and the current Principal Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Trade.

Mr. Kamau, a 61-year old graduate of Harvard University and several other colleges in the US, and a man who has traversed the World during his long stint at the United Nations, took to Twitter to, shamelessly, blast and verbally attack a KTN News pundit over her views and didn’t just stop there – His tweets were laced with outright insults, stinking patronization and a very heavy whiff of arrogance and self-importance.

What cheek!

Miffed at the views of one Jerotich Seii on KTN, who questioned President Uhuru’s endless begging trips to China and the whole need for the faltering SGR, Mr. Macharia, a man old enough to be Ms. Seii’s father – Or grandfather – tweeted,

Can you imagine what her ilk would have said at the turn of the 19th Century? Kilindini Harbour and the “lunatic express” being built on loans as it was. It’s a wonder we are still not slaves!! Where do they find these nincompoops? Where would kenya be without the loans and rail?

Instead of making sense, like the man of the stature he holds, this geezer went on a name-calling spree, throwing in a few colonial relics along the way and dismissing Jerotich Seii as a ‘Nincompoop’. Oh wow.

That tweet has caught enough heat and elicited harsh reactions from all Kenyans on Twitter including some not-very-lowly ones like Economist David Ndii, Journalist Ben Kitili, Special Counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahhi, Lawyer Mohammed Wehliye, Roselyn Akombe among others.

Mr. Kamau, didn’t even stop there. He punched in a few more tweets to make his point while remaining characteristically haughty, scornful and brash in his feeble attempt to fervently- and weakly- defend Kenya’s obscene obsession with Chinese loans, tweeting,

Free speech in kenya is the scream of cliche, ignorance and psychological dementia brought on by minds warped by thousands of western financed workshops and freebie “training programs.” We don’t need a million Chinese at our gates to ruin our country, not with our talking heads.

Mr. Kamau, Jerotich Seii is a highly-read, educated, decorated and renown humanitarian and development consultant with more than 20 years of experience in sub-Saharan Africa. Not the nincompoops you are used to.

Image result for jerotich seii
Ms. Jerotich Seii

Mr. Kamau, the SGR, that was built to the tune of a whooping Ksh 327 billion has yet to, as Ms. Seii said, make any economic sense to ordinary Kenyans all across the Country and an additional Ksh 360 billion for an extra SGR route would end up crippling the Country further into an abyss of dependency and loans and still add very little – or no – value to the ordinary Kenyan.

Mr. Kamau, experts who actually went to school and don’t use kindergarten insults on Twitter to drive a vain point like you , have clearly demonstrated to the Country how the SGR cost was obscenely exaggerated and billions of shillings went into some power-brokers pockets.

Mr. Kamau, a renown US military think-tank clearly warned Kenya on it’s unending Chinese projects and demonstrated just how the Chinese were using the loans to establish China as a great power, militarily as well as economically in the next three decades across Africa in a bid to colonize the Continent in one of the stealthiest and most ruthless ways ever.

Mr. Kamau, the Chinese had enough reason to DENY President Kenyatta extra loans and those reasons were tied around matters that they knew much better than you would ever grasp or comprehend as you sit in your furnished corner office tweeting your bloated lunchtime blues way.

Mr. Kamau, the ‘Lunatic Express’ you so ignorantly tweeted about was actually built with British tax money as a military-strategic asset and not loans – Chinese or otherwise – and in fact, It became redundant before completion as David Ndii would so squarely school you, Harvard Graduate!

Mr. Kamau, Twitter was not built for the likes of ageing sycophants like you to jump onto it and casually throw away baby class insults at people you cannot comprehend – Or fathom.

Twitter was crafted as a top-notch medium of communication, dissemination of knowledge and facts and as a tool of powerful revolutions that have helped bring better governance to nations across the World.

Not for your ilk to so foolishly toy with tit, distort it, spit on it and spread your verbose across it.

We understand that you must brainlessly defend every attempt by the President to borrow needless loans to set up Avocado farms in Nyandarua. But we will NOT allow you to smirk at us, berate us, degrade us, insult us and pooh-pooh us like we don’t pay taxes to keep you and your family fed.

Now we know who the real nincompoop is. And it’s definitely NOT Jerotich Seii.