Young graduate who hawked shoes in the streets opens massive clothing line, selling high end shoes

– A young man showed off his clothing stores and a photo of where it all started

– Mark Jnr Jere took nearly a decade to get to where he is, and his stores are something of a beauty

– The entrepreneur inspired fans saying he was not special, but his hard work finally paid off

A young man has left netizens impressed with an incredible story of how he became a huge business owner from selling shoes in the streets.

Mark Jnr Jere from Zambia shared a story on Facebook with photos of him showing where it all started and where he has gotten to.

From the photos, a young Mark could be seen seated in the street selling official footwear while seated on a stool.

The graduate from Evelyn Hone College also shared photos showing his three clothing stores that are beautiful to watch.

The young man went from selling official wear to casual and smart outfits cutting across every design.

In his caption, Mark said it took him nine years to get to where he was, and it was all hard work, nothing extraordinary.

“There is nothing extraordinary about me but the extraordinary work I put in. Nine years of hustle, we keep moving,” he wrote.

Many went on his comment section to congratulate him, with others saying they were inspired.

Man shows off new property

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Social media users were inspired by his post, and they congratulated him on the project.

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