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Why the late Tob Cohen’s Funeral has been postponed


The Viusasa News desk understands the late Golf tycoon Tob Cohen will not be buried today as had been previously announced.

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His internment has been pushed to Tuesday, September 24 at 2.30pm and will be executed in accordance with the Jewish funeral rites.

According to reports, the occasion only managed to get 8 priests out of the required 10 and a Rabbi forcing the postponement.

Curiously, his sister Gabrielle Van Straten will not be attending the funeral after flying out yesterday, citing personal reasons.

Gabrielle was expected to attend the burial alongside close family members and Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu, who is a key suspect in the murder of her brother.

The High Court in Nairobi had earlier directed that Sarah Wairimu be allowed to attend the burial of her late husband.

The unexpected postponement will now see her lawyer seek fresh court orders to coincide with the ceremony.

The late Tob Cohen with his wife Sarah Cohen back in their good days.

The late businessman was discovered dead a fortnight ago with his body which had been hidden in an underground water tank swathed in a cloth.

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His estranged wife Sarah has been at the heart of a bristling controversy that threw her smack into the middle of the homicide investigation.

Detectives believed that Sarah colluded with a ‘mystery man’ who is in police custody in executing the heinous murder.

Her laywer however argued that the location in which the body was found in did not make sense.

For instance, he noted that there was fresh cement covering the manhole which was appeared to have been done while Ms Cohen was in police custody.


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