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Uganda splashes millions for Kenyan planes to stop locusts


People on Twitter have been excited by Uganda’s locust strange fighting budget.

The budget is particularly peculiar because it features several absurd allocations like ‘procurement of drums from Masai, hiring stone throwers and radio talkshows in local radio’.

Other weird allocations for fighting the pesky pests include ‘facilitation for media team, hire of planes from Kenya and procurement of stones for scaring away locusts’.

What stands out however is the fact that Uganda plans on hiring planes from Kenya to kick away the swarms of locusts across Northern Uganda.

The total budget for the entire exercise comes to 20 million Ugandan shillings. Hiring Kenyan planes will cost the Ugandan taxpayer a whopping UGX 2.5 million.

Locusts have wrecked havoc in Kenya itself for the last two months and there’s still no end in sight for the irksome nibblers.

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Earlier this week, three districts in Karamoja Sub-region that had earlier been invaded by desert locusts confirmed the insects left to new areas.

Amudat, Nakapiripirit and Katakwi district leaders said the locusts had left by yesterday. New presence of locusts was instead reported in Abim, Agago, Kitgum, Otuke, Kumi, Moroto and Nabilatuk districts.

While the pests have continued to move to other places, little or no destruction has been reported in the districts where they have passed.

Mr Martin Owor, the commissioner for disaster management at the Office of Prime Minister, said no destruction had been reported in the affected areas.

“So far all districts invaded by the desert locusts have reported no losses because we are in the off-crop season period. The locusts are consuming pasture which is currently receiving off-season rainfall and able to rejuvenate quickly,” Mr Owor said.


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