Twitter explodes! Kenyans divided over Martha Karua’s comments on BBI

Former MP and gubernatorial aspirant Martha Karua has joined forces with other like-minded Kenyans to oppose the proposed BBI bill and referendum, which seek to amend sections of the Constitution promulgated in 2010.

Karua and her colleagues are calling on Kenyans of goodwill to join them in stopping the proposed changes which have been called by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his newly-found ally Raila Odinga, through the BBI process.

For Karua, the proposed amendments are meant to benefit a few individuals, among them Uhuru and Raila, who are the proponents of the push.

Her call to join efforts in opposing the proposed changes has triggered mixed reactions from Kenyans. While there are those who believe in her course, others are of the contrary opinion.

“We are here to reach out of the other Kenyans of like minds to join us as we build a movement to defend the constitution, defeat impunity and advance the transformational agenda that we set for ourselves a decade ago,” she tweeted.

“I am in… #LindaKatiba #RejectBBI As an adult male of sound mind I need no more representation aside than what is already provided for in the current constitution. That is my main reason for rejecting this damned document,” one tweep agreed with her. 

“Together in this. I champion for full Implementation of 2010 Kenyans Constitution,” another user added.

A tweep by username The Patriot said; “Ready to be part of the movement…we need real leaders with integrity and good governance, not new constitutional offices. How do we formally join.”

However, there are those who believe the proposed changes will help address electoral injustices which have led to violence and isolation in the past.

They want the changes effected to meet the demands of every Kenyan.

“As we did in 2010, I urge all progressive Kenyans, in solidarity with many Kenyans who are affected by perennial violence and fear- driven economic malaise that arise before, during and after every election cycle to overwhelmingly adopt the constitutional changes in the BBI,” Cyrus Maina tweeted.

Others even said Karua should be the last person to oppose the proposed amendments considering she was Minister for Justice when the country went into self-destruction after the disputed 2007 election.

“You are the last person who should talk about defeating impunity, remember your role as a minister of justice in the Kibaki government,” also replied.