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Raila Odinga carefully weighs in on the Pandora Papers

Raila Odinga now says that having an offshore account is acceptable as long as parties can explain how they opened such accounts. In an interview with Chamgei FM that while he does not have any foreign accounts, it is fine for Kenyans who do provided they can account for the money in the accounts. The ODM leader said focus should not be on the accounts but on how the money in the account was acquired. The ‘Pandora papers’ claimed President Kenyatta and six members of his family secretly owned a network of offshore companies – Citizen

Bid to block NHIF digital listing flops

The High Court has dismissed a case by the Rural Private Hospitals Association that had challenged mass biometric registration for members of the the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). The court ruled that the issues raised by the petitioners were contractual in nature but not constitutional. The association wanted NHIF mass biometric registration stopped, claiming that facilities and Kenyans in rural areas would be disadvantaged -The Standard

Parliament proposes a raft of measures to reduce fuel prices

The Finance and National Planning Committee has proposed drastic measures to reduce fuel prices in the country, which are currently at an all-time high. The parliamentarians are proposing to reduce the Value Added Tax (VAT) charged on petroleum products by half. They also want to scrap the 1.5% railway development levy, and the reduction of excise duty. Additionally, the MPs want the application of the petroleum development levy reviewed – Tuko

Families in agony after two girls aged 2 years go missing

Two families in Kawangware area are calling on the government to help trace their two children; 2-year-old girls who went missing from their home ten days ago. The families say the children were last spotted buying sweets at a shop near their home and have not been seen since then. It’s more than 10 days since the disappearance of then two girls on September 26. According to the Missing Child Kenya which collects information on missing children from organisations and individuals, over 30 children have been reported missing in the last two months alone – Citizen