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TARDA Boss Githaiga in court over nepotism, abuse of power


A Parastatal chief has come under fire for allegedly hiring 25 relatives and friends to jobs within the organisation without due process.
Steven Githaiga, the Managing Director of Tana River Development Authority (TARDA), has been taken to court to answer on the claims.
In the urgent case filed on Thursday last week by the Union of Kenya Civil Servants, Githaiga is required to explain how his wife, son, brother inlaws and other relatives working for TARDA.

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Some of those he is accused of having hired illegally include John Githaiga, his brother who is working as a Senior officer in the Engineering department, Beatrice Muringi Githaiga (daughter) a manager, Lucy Wangui Ngahu (wife) who is the manager Upper Athi region, David Mwangi Ndegwa, his brother inlaw an accountant at the Masinga dam hotel.

Other respondents in the case include CS for East African Community, Director at the Department of Civil registration and the Attorney General to explain how Githaiga was reappointed despite hitting the age limit.
“The appointment of Steven Githaiga Ruimuku as MD was irregular, unreasonable, illegitimate, unlawful and unconstitutional since it was carried out without values and principles of the rule of law, fairness and merit.” The court documents read.
The union accuses Githaiga of extending his tenure by forging documents therefore reducing his year of birth by 5 years.
In 2011, however, the MD allegedly acquired a new ID under the name, Steven Githaiga Ruimuku, that showed he was born in 1958.
He subsequently acquired a passport with details matching the new ID.
According to employment records, the MD, whose true age is 65 years, was supposed to have retired from formal employment in 2014.
“The original ID card issued to him on November 11, 1992 indictaes his date of birth as 1953 not 1958. The ID number is 1901968.”
He is further accused of being involved in illegalities which have led to loss of millions of shillings at the parastatal.
“The 4th respondent has been illegally employing his relatives and family friends, if you do not do not support his wrongdoings you get transferred from your current stations to hardship areas.”
“Unless the orders sought therein are granted in the interim, the petition will be rendered nugatory since the 4th respondent shall have enjoyed illegally and earned taxpayers money in eccess of sh29,230,944 basic pay besides other allowances.” the petition further reads.
Some of the staff members have even been forced to resign after they disagreed with Githaiga or any of his close relatives.
Tana River Development Authority is responsible for the planning, multipurpose development, and management of the Tana and Athi River basins’ water and land based resources.
The organisation operates on an annual budget of about KSh 800 million allocated every financial year.


Here is the full list according to the petition;


No Name P/No Position & Dept Relationship With Md Home County
1 John Githaiga 0420 Senior officer/Engineering Brother Nyeri
2 David Mwangi Ndegwa 0497 Accountant Masiga Hotel Brother in law Nyeri
3 Beatrice Muringi Githaiga 0839 Manager- P/ Relationship Daughter Nyeri
4 Lucy Wangui Ngahu 0900 Manager/ Upper Athi Region Wife Nyeri
5 Ignitius Kiraithe Ngahu 0884 Manager/ Rice mill complex- TDIP Brother in law Nyeri
6 Lawrence Nganga Ngahu 0914 Head of Stores Masinga Hotel Brother in law Nyeri
7 Gedion Gakuo Ngahu   Masiga Farm Brother in law Nyeri
8 John Ndegwa Mbuthia 0883 Accountant Embu Nephew Nyeri
9 Solomon Ndirangu Mwangi 0921   Nephew Nyeri
10 Susan Ngothi 0120 MD- Secretary Neighbor Nyeri
11 Peris Wangui Theuri   MD- Secretary Niece Nyeri
12 Barbara Wangu Ngothi 0887 Human Resource officer Daughter to MDs Secretary Nyeri
13 Mary Gathoni Mbau 0147 Head of Reception


Neighbor Nyeri
14 Regina Wanjiku Mbau 0917 Senior officer Monitoring and evaluation Daughter to head of reception Nyeri
15 Denis Gatu 0910 Senior officer- procurement son Kiserian
16 Catherine Njeri Kahehu 0905 Administrator Machakos niece Nyeri
17 Moses Githaiga 047 MD Driver Neighbor Nyeri
18 Grace Mukami Githaiga 0888 Procurement officer Daughter to MDs Driver Nyeri
19 Charles Ndirangu 01000 Accountant Emali Nephew Nyeri
20 Purity Rwamba Mbogoh 0889 Senior officer- IT Neighbor Kiserian
21 Julius Thubuku   Manager Othaya t. Nursery Nephew Nyeri
22 Lucy Thubuku       Nyeri
23 Robert Kabachia   Manager- Masinga Afforestation Nephew Nyeri
24. Jane Karitu   Accountant Headquaetor Niece Nyeri
25. Charity   Accountant MDR Niece Nyeri



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