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Sonko is now a Doctor! Governor conferred by a Dubai University


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been conferred with an honorary Degree of Excellence from the European Digital University in Dubai.

The Governor was awarded on Wednesday by the University for his positive role in changing the society.

“I will continue with my Good Deeds by championing for the rights of the less fortunate members of the society through transparent and transformative leadership.” Sonko posted while welcoming the award.

The Governor further stated he will continue to support and fund the Sonko Rescue Team which has been consistent in it’s charitable work.

According to the institution, one of the qualities that led to the award is Sonko’s interest in transforming people’s lives across the country.

Early this year, Sonko was appointed the Good Deeds Ambassador by an Israel-based organization for his generosity in helping the needy.

Last December, an Israel delegation, led by Good Deeds Global Chief Executive officer Kaynan Rabino, said they will name Sonko their Good Deeds Ambassador for a three-year period.

In his acceptance speech, Sonko said he supports the mission of getting people to volunteer and choose to help others.