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No Healthcare, voting in 2022 without Huduma Namba – CS Matiang’i


If you thought that not registering for Huduma Namba was an escape route then you may have to visit your Chief’s office for one.

This is because the Government has stated that one will not be able to access healthcare and taking part in the general election without the identification.

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In a bill proposed by the Ministry of Interior CS Dr Fred Matiangi, Kenyans without the number will be unable to register for electricity connection to their homes and enroll into a public educational facility without listing themselves under the National Integrated Identity Management System(NIIMS).

According to the Huduma Bill, 2019, one will also not be able to register for a marriage certificate without having been registered.

The bill further wants to make the number a compulsory requirement for voter registration, benefit from the Government housing scheme, transaction in the financial markets, payment of taxes, access to universal health care services, social protection services and registering or transferring a motor vehicle.

Other essential services that one will not be able to access without Huduma Namba include buying and selling of land, opening a bank account or acquiring a passport.

Matiangi’s move might be met with alot of resistance as the High Court had already made a ruling stating that Kenyans should not be forced to register for Huduma Namba.

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