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Ndindi Nyoro: PS Kibicho is punishing me for supporting Ruto


Embattled Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has blamed his latest spat with the state on PS Karanja Kibicho who he accuses of vilifying him for supporting DP Ruto.

Speaking during an interview at Citizen TV, the vocal MP said that the Kieleweke Team which is pro-Uhuru Kenyatta is funded by Mr Kibicho.

“There are so many PSs in the Jubilee Government. I am only mentioning one. PS Kibicho. He is funding the anti DP Ruto movement, we shall not be intimidated by misuse of state instruments and power” He told Citizen TV.

He was however at pains to explain how the same Government he was fighting for was the same government that was chasing him through the streets.

Mr Nyoro also dismissed claims that he had resisted arrest saying that his supporters had moved in to stop the injustice that was being done to him by officers who he claims were funded by the Kieleweke team.

The youthful MP was arrested on the evening of Monday, September 9 and released the following morning.

His lawyer and Murang’a County Senator Irungu Kangata claims that he had spoken to top-ranking Government officials who agreed to drop the charges against the legislator.

His arrest had come after a day for dodging the police who were hot on his trail for among other offences, disrupting a church service and incitement.

Mr Nyoro accompanied by a twaddle of his die-hard supporters had stormed the Gitui Catholic Church in Murang’a on Sunday where over 20 members of Team Kieleweke had set camp.

The MP then marched to the podium during the formal introductions and declared as the area MP he reserved sole rights to introduce any guests to the electorate.

He had also turned a request to go back to his seat causing a 10-minute stand-off with officers who had attempted to drag him from the podium.


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