Mwiki church allegedly organises ‘new currency dedication service’, worshipers asked to carry new currency notes

Kenyans have been left questioning the church after a poster emerged online showing a church in Mwiki allegedly organising a new currency dedication service.

The poster indicates that the ATG Deliverance Chapel wants to dedicate the new currency to the Lord Jesus Christ, and has urged its members and those interested to attend with notes of the new currency.

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The poster announcing the new currency dedication service

The instructions on the poster further read: “Carry two notes of the same denomination  of the new currency.”

Let’s put this into perspective: If you a 1,000 shilling note of the new currency, then you should look for another 1,000 note of the new currency and take it to the church.

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Viusasa made efforts to contact the mobile number on the poster which is said to belong to Rev. Samson Muthui.

Kenyans have been reacting to the poster:

Martin Simeo said on Facebook: “True – the floor of hell is paved with the sculls of such so called men of God & forever will they be tortured & burn in the never ending flames.”

Felix Oloo was more categorical: “The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is at stake! Preachers have for long taken advantage of the church due to ignorance but a time has come for light to shine brighter into the church of the living God. Every cockroaches, lice and bedbugs that have been controlling under darkness must flee! Money minded and business calculated gospels must be struck off!”

The new currency notes

Wuodruoth Wuodruoth couldn’t hold back: “Reasons I tend to think Christianity is a scam and Islamic religion seems real. 
I also think the church is responsible for constant poverty and poor economy. Pastors are now rapists of our pockets, extortionists, bandits and robers,yet church adds no value to the community. I long for that church our parents attended before we were born where money was not part of the service.”