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Miguna Miguna now says government has blocked him from sending money to relatives in Kenya


Deported Kenyan activist and barrister Miguna Miguna has now claimed that he can’t send money to his relatives in Kenya because the government has blocked him.

In a social media post, Miguna said he discovered this when he tried to send money back home through Money Gram, only to receive an error message.

“I’ve just discovered that Despot Uhuru Kenyatta is so desperate that he has blocked me from sending money to anyone including my relatives, friends or caretakers in Kenya using money Gram. Error message “temg (318)” pops up against everyone I try to send money to,” Miguna said.

When advised by Kenyans to use other means to send the money, Miguna said it is not just Money Gram but also other available avenues of sending money.

“Some of you guys don’t get it. He has blocked me and my family members from sending or receiving funds using all platforms. They have the technology to know all the numbers and everyone who registered them. Don’t imagine for a second that we are unsophisticated,” Miguna added.

He said that the government blocked him from using Paypal on March 9, 2018, on the same day Uhuru and Raila Odinga exchanged the famous handshake that ended their political animosity.

“They blocked me on PayPal on March 9, 2018. Read TREASON.”

Miguna was deported back to Canada when he swore Raila Odinga as the People’s president after Uhuru was declared winner of the disputed 2017 general election.

The courts, however, ruled that Miguna’s deportation was illegal and ordered the government to allow him back into the country unconditionally.

Efforts by Miguna to return back have since proved futile after the government issued a red alert to airlines that fly the Kenyan airspace.


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