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KOT are pissed after a rogue chief poured busaa on elderly woman


Kenyans are pissed after a photo was shared where an administrative Chief was captured pouring some illicit brew on an elderly woman.

According to social media users, the photo was captured in Kaplelach village, Uasin Gishu County.after the woman was found brewing the alcoholic drink.

However the chief went ahead to pick up the jar and poured the contents on the woman who was sitted on the ground.

Led by Lawyer Donald Kipkorir, people think that despite the woman being on the wrong, nothing justifies the violence meted on the woman.

“This picture is heart-wrenching … And sad nostalgic. I was educated by my mother & her mother …. My mother sold busaa & my grandma chang’aa … We were never raided as the Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs & Paramount Chief used to drink & understood the prevailing poverty ….” He tweeted.

” in Kalenjin tradition, no matter what, we never humiliate our mothers … we never assault our mothers … we always protect them … Busaa in Kalenjin is used in traditional ceremonies … This Chief broke every taboo in our culture. He must undergo cleansing.”

Ivan Sumbweiyo called for the Inspector General and Interior Ministry to arrest and also interdict the chief for being inhuman.

“No one is above the law! I don’t get it in the constitution where a mere chief is entitled to Baptise busaa over anyone,leave alone a woman. It’s like killing a suspect.”

Charles King’ori: n as much as busaa is illegal, no one has a moral audacity to pour on someone. Arrest the culprit and let her be judge in court of law. That’s a humiliation to some whose are wherever they are curtousy of busaa brewing.