Kenyans viciously attack veteran singer Suzanna Owiyo for defending police brutality during Coronavirus curfew - Viusasa News

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Kenyans viciously attack veteran singer Suzanna Owiyo for defending police brutality during Coronavirus curfew


They say he who keeps their mouth shut, saves themselves from trouble. While at times is a display of cowardice, most of the time it works out just perfect.

Veteran songstress Suzanna Owino is in trouble because she did not keep her mouth shut. She is in trouble for giving her sentiments on the ongoing curfew in Kenya.

She is particularly in trouble for appearing to support and justify police brutality on Kenyans on the first day of the Coronavirus curfew.

The singer took to her social media to accuse Kenyans of being vichwa ngumu (tough headed), saying this has prompted police to use excessive force on them to enforce the curfew.

“We are not at war yes but at times policemen/women are forced to go hard on Wanjiku simply becoz Tuko vichwa ngumu. PLAN yourself not to be caught up on the wrong side of the law.Your safety is important as well as your health. Can we all have an understanding here,” Suzanna said.

Boy ooh boy! And didn’t she open a can of worms!

Kenyans in their droves, from Miguna Miguna to KTN news anchor Lindah Oguttu, descended on her with the venom more lethal than that of an African Black Mamba.

“Wow Suzanna… Wow!” Lindah said.

Miguna Miguna, the barrister who is known to mince no words, literally called her a goon.

“Nonsense, Owiyo. People like you disgrace the name “education.” You glorify police brutality either because you have an IQ of 65 or you are a callous wild beast. There is no justification to physical abuse, maiming and murder of Kenyans. Goon,” Miguna angrily responded.

Within hours, Suzanna was trending at number one on Twitter in Kenya, and almost everyone was tearing the singer apart, a piece at a time.

It was the wrong call for Suzanna.

“Privilege! Suzanna you can afford to plan yourself. Other Kenyans who are employed and rely on public transport to get home cannot plan themselves.The employer dictates when they leave work and the matatu availability dictates when they get home. Shame on you,” Patricia Orawo told her off.

Former presidential hopeful Abduba Dida did not spare her either, reminding her of all the songs she wrote and sang to support the common mwananchi.

“You literally wrote a song on the struggles of Atieno, a woman going through many hardships to provide for her family. You even performed the song to Mandela during his birthday. Funny how you support the police when they are beating up Atieno. Suzanna, what happened?”

Robert Alai summarised: “Suzanna amesema you are vichwa ngumu. Awuoro the insensitivity. Do you know the struggles of Kenyans?”


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