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Kenyan men get ready for controversial annual Mens’ Conference


The annual Men’s Conference, a controversial feature every February, is supposedly meant to start tomorrow in earnest.

The fictitious conference was first mooted a few years ago by Kenyan men who are planning on running away from Valentine’s Day responsibilities.

The ‘Conference’, an idea that has seemed to have caught on wildly, is men’s idyllic solace from being responsible to their spouses and girlfriends on Valentines Day.


Over the years, people online have handpicked several men who have been billed as the day’s main speakers based on their exploits in the male world.

This year, the ‘main speaker’ is Eldoret businessman and politician Jackson Kibor, he of the infamous divorces, new marriages and ugly family drama.

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Other ‘speakers’ include recently-released Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, KISS FM presenter Andrew Kibe and media star Shaffie Weru.

Men on Twitter have been gearing up for the year’s biggest gathering by doing various last-minute preparations before jetting off for the conference.

Can’t lie, I’m getting prepped too.


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