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Kenya Police Sacco responds after members revealed missing salaries over system failure


The Kenya Police Sacco has now addressed complaints by members who were unable to access their salaries due to a faulty mobile App launched recently.

As reported by Viusasa News, members had gone without their June salaries, putting them and their families in a difficult situation especially during during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The members said the newly launched M-Tawi mobile App, whose aim was to ease transaction and access to Sacco services, was actually not doing them any good.

As also reported by Viusasa News, there were complaints that some Sacco members are servicing loans taken by other members with their names as guarantors. The members say they did not guarantee the defaulters but they are forced to service the loans as their names appear as the guarantors.

The Sacco now admits there were challenges with the newly launched mobile App M-Tawi, but says the issues have been addressed and the system is up and running properly.

In a rejoinder by Sacco CEO Solomon Atsiaya, the Kenya Police Sacco is committed to offering the best services to its customers, majority of them members of the police service in Kenya.

“Kenya Police Sacco is currently undergoing a digital transformational journey a process that began in the year 2017. The benefits of this transformation are among others to achieve a more secure, flexible, efficient, and interactive system that would enhance the member experience. Part of the digital transformation is the new Mobile Banking Channel (M-Tawi).

This new system went live on 2nd June 2020 and like any other new systems, challenges are expected but we continue to address them as we seek to stabilize and ensure excellent customer service delivery. As part of change management, we have been in constant communication with our members during this period just to let them know the progress of system implementation. Payment of June 2020 Salaries have been paid through the new system albeit with teething problems of such new systems. We are happy that this exercise has now been successful,” Atsiaya said.

He added that contrary to claims by some members that they were unable to access their May 2020 salaries, they were actually paid and members were able to access funds through the legacy mobile banking service.

“To further access services, Kenya Police SACCO has collaborated with the Cooperative Bank for ATM services. Our members can access this service from across the Coop Bank ATM booths spread across the country. We also have one such ATM Booth stationed at the ground floor of the Society’s headquarters in Ngara, Nairobi. The ATMs are VISA branded and can also be used to access cash from any other bank,” the CEO said further.

On members’ complaints about servicing defaulted loans they did not guarantee in the first place, Atsiaya said: “The Sacco advances loans to members at fair interest rates. The loans are co guaranteed by members and in the event of default, the guarantor is expected to service the loan until when the principal loanee resumes payment. All guarantees are on voluntary basis.”

Viusasa News reached out to members who had raised the issues to inquire if indeed the M-Tawi is up and running and if indeed they are able to access their June salaries.

“Yeah this morning I was able to finally access my salary. It looks like they have done something positive finally. It has been a challenge for me and my family but we thank God at least something has been done,” one of the Sacco members confirmed.

Two other members whom we spoke to in confidence said they are also able to access their salaries.


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