Jubilee MP thinks Kenya will not survive Coronavirus pandemic

Dagoretti South MP Kiarie John does not believe has taken enough measures to ensure that Kenyans walk past the Coronavirus pandemic with minimal bruises.

In a long post on his social media account,the MP said his opinion is based on the fact that Kenya currently has an acute shortage of testing kits.

“The country cannot adequately test how many of these new arrivals are currently positive! We currently do not know the exact number of positive cases in the country.”

The MP cum comedian further alluded that the number of those infected could drastically increase  as the number of those quarantined now stands at 7,000 Kenyans who arrived back between Wednesday and Sunday.

“Kenya Government must forthwith communicate the gravity of the real situation without sugar coating anymore. Let Kenyans know how bad things are about to get. They will be better equipped to make personal decisions and put up with government decrees, measures and restrictions.”

Kiarie called for the government to make radical preparations to ensure that those infected are well isolated as the number is expected to shoot in the coming days.

“Kenya National Government must set up massive Isolation Centres around the country; over 4,000 bed isolation centres in Kasarani, Nyayo and City Stadiums in Nairobi. Over 3,000 bed Isolation centres in Mombasa and similar centres countrywide.”