I was conned Sh11,500 – Mike Sonko

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has spoken about how he was conned by a fraudster on Tuesday.

The Governor warned Kenyans to bewary of such  moves saying the fraudster had called him saying he was doing some Huduma Number Registration online and he mistakenly put Sonko’s number on what he was registering.

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“He said that my number is similar to his number and that the password of what he was registering was sent to my phone which I actually saw as 6310.”

The fraudster appealed to Sonko to give him the reset code that was sent to my phone so that he could finish his registration.

“Being a good Kenyan I forwarded to him after 2 minutes I found my Mpesa Sending 11,500 to Simion Masit I quickly informed Safaricom Mpesa who told me I was conned and there is nothing they can do but to forward mpesa transaction to the number to 333.”

Sonko said he tried having Safaricom to reverse his money to no avail, thereby warning Kenyans to be wary of such cons.