Covid-19: Kenyans want Chinese in Kenya deported after video of a Kenyan being beaten in China goes viral - Viusasa News

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Covid-19: Kenyans want Chinese in Kenya deported after video of a Kenyan being beaten in China goes viral


Kenyans are demanding for all Chinese nationals in the country to be deported after a video of an African being assaulted was shared on Saturday.

An African national said to be a Zambian studying in China is currently battling for his life in a Beijing hospital after he was brutally beaten with metal bars by some Chinese men who accused him of having a sexual affair with one of their group member’s girlfriend.

This is as Africans who live in China continue to cry of being racially abused from migrant workers, traders, and students in the southern city of Guangzhou, home to Asia’s largest African diaspora being tossed out onto the street—some by their landlords, some by hotel managers, and some by local officials.

This is despite having no contact with anybody infected with COVID-19.

China has repeatedly stressed the importance of China-Africa alliances based on mutual prosperity yet the country also continously denies of there being racial abuse.

Here are reactions;

Senator Ledama Olekina: I told you! All Chinese should shop out! We can’t allow this to continue happening to our brothers! Why are we so evil ? We love money so much in the expense of our blood? To a point where the PS KAMAU defend Chinese inhuman treatment of Kenyans ? No wonder God sent Corona!!

Kamau James: Its not about kenya alone ..but Africa as a continent we would have revenge each any every single Chinese in Africa to send a signal that we are deadly serious.#ChineseInKenyaMustGo

John Miano: When Uhuru Kenyatta says ‘Fellow Kenyans’, does he include Kenyas suffering in China? We are sick and tired of Chinese racism and xenophobic behavior. Evacuate all Kenyans immediately. #ChineseInKenyaMustGo #StopChinaRacism #RacistChina #NiDoshi

Abuga Makori: It’s quite primitive for Sarah Serem to ask Kenyans in China to deal with their issues. This is utter STUPIDITY. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe should urgently handle this matter since he’s in charge of the crisis. Millions is lost to graft. Bring them back. #Ruto #ChineseInKenyaMustGo

Lion Muigai: Those small eyed people should start packing by now, an eye for an eye makes life better at times! The Kenya govt should facilitate travel plans for our sisters and brothers in china. Let them not leave anyone behind including Sarah Serem!! #ChineseInKenyaMustGo