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Ochungulo Family : The First Family of Ghetto Rap 


Much has been said, written and hyped about rap outfit Ethic who seem to have universally wowed the Country and seems to have smoothly edged out any other pop group that matters in Kenya in 2019.

But wait a minute …. Bubbling under the scene (actually, above the scene) is one of the hottest and most lyrically fantastic rap groups of the Ghetto Fabolous era – Ochungulo Family.

Slowly and most definitely steadily, the Ochungulo Family rap outfit has been churning out hits after hits- songs that have become ubiquitous club anthems, songs that have garnered millions of mad views on Youtube, songs that have gotten us through the rowdiest house parties and songs that continue to blare in our booze-laden cars on that random Saturday road trip to God-knows-where.

Ochungulo Family is a tap outfit that is made up of the witty and lyrically-endowed Benzema aka Alehandro, the boasty and cheeky Nelly The Goon and the laidback D’more.

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These cats are, I dare say, 1000% even cooler, fresher, skillier, more lyrically adept and even better dressed than the universally-acclaimed Ethic. No, don’t get me wrong here. I ain’t trying to start no fight but a cursory listen to at least five of the biggest hits from this rap outfit will attest to just that.

Plus, their music videos not only have much superior quality with better picture, ambience and locations but also have some of the sexiest, hottest and baddest video vixens in town. Ga-dammmit!

The sensational group, which started a little over a year ago, has been dropping hits after every few months, mostly laced with the hottest news zinger of the moment and turning it into a song.

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For instance, their song Bora Uhai was birthed by the popular street refrain that many have frequently used in tough times and their song Hiyo Ni Krimino was brought about after the viral rant by an enraged City Council employee during the Beatrice Elachi impeachment drama.

Witty and highly epigrammatic, Ochungulo Family has managed to not just drop musical gems but also lace their lyrics with sharp humor and epic one-liners that quickly circulate across the Internet and get mad rotation across Whatsapp and Twitter.

Lines like ‘Niaje Empress, mi naitwa Alehandro…’ have quickly become our daily catchphrases.

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Ochungulo, which literally means small ants in Dholuo, is a group that has continued to demonstrate an unbeatable craftsmanship that is so excellent, so ebullient, so fresh and so wild that masses can’t help but gravitate to their tunes.

Their greatest selling point is their unmatched ability to craft some of the catchiest choruses in the Industry so far.

Songs like Na Iwake and Aluta owe their huge popularity to the group’s adeptness at churning out striking melodies and rhythms that the listener will not only quickly grasp but also quickly learn and bounce to.

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Add that to working with a brilliant music video director who not only knows how to capture the wildest scenes but also where to shoot them at, who to cast, how to direct the shots and how to bring out the energy in the three boys juxtaposed to the wild, booty-shaking jaw-droppers next to them and you have yourself a masterpiece waiting to happen.

Many will add that their signature video vixen, the well-endowed Becky with the good, faux hair, doesn’t hurt too.

In songs like Na Iwake, which even got the stamp of approval from the legendary The Kansoul group, who also duly jumped on the remix, Ochungulo Family gave us rhymes that were not only viscerally Kenyan but also rhymes that spoke to us, aroused us, humored us, pricked us and got us to our feet.

And as we continue to  jam along to their latest hit Kaa Na Mamayako, a song inspired by  a line from one of humorous Governor Lonyangapuo’s random outbursts, we need to remember to pay the right homage to these kids from the back streets who have not just kept us dancing for so long but continue to entertain us in such a novel way, such a care-free way, our weekends cannot ever be the same without them.

They say  you can choose your friends. But cannot choose your family. But in this case, this is one Family that we can all agree we are glad we were able to choose.