Yung Bey-T versus Tanasha Donna: There is ONLY One Queen!

Before Bey-T, the mumbo-jumbo refugee rapper and singer ever became known even on Instagram, Tanasha Donna Oketch, a little gorgeous mulatto girl was already gracing East African Television screens alongside Bongo superstar Ali Kiba as the video vixen.

Unlike Yung Bey-T, who  is still struggling with a paltry 22k followers on Instagram and a measly 5,000 Likes per photo, Tanasha Donna is a booming online powerhouse that, as we speak, brags a staggering 0.8 Million Instagram followers and an average of 50,000 Likes per photo.

And unlike Yung Bey-T, whose first song, released sixteen billion years ago only has some 400k views to date, Tanasha Donna, the elite Princess of the Zanzibari Monarchy, is already approaching the 1 million mark as far as her YouTube views is concerned – In just two weeks!

Unlike Bey-T, whose videos appear to be shot using a 2005 Polaroid camera borrowed from a broke friend, Tanasha Donna’s music video set proper standards of what a 2019 music video should look like – impeccable clarity, top-notch picture quality, set-up, gorgeous scenes, flamboyant wardrobe and superb direction.

Unlike Bey-T, who seriously needs a new hairstyle and probably two more pairs of pants, Tanasha Donna has, for years, set unattainable standards as far as fashion, style, looks and chicness are concerned.

I was appalled to learn that Bey-T, out of the jungles of her rap nightmares, would take to Instagram to attack a woman of Tanasha’s mettle for merely using the phrase ‘Kenya to the World’.

And what was her defense? The fact that she used that phrase 8 months BEFORE Tanasha!


I don’t know what Mr Eazi has been feeding this girl or what decaying brand of marijuana they have been smoking because, obviously, it has severely affected the poor woman’s brain.

Madam Bey-T, the phrase ‘Kenya to the World’ was not invented by you. It’s a phrase that was not even invented by Sauti Sol. Or Camp Mulla, two Kenyan bands who have actually had a real shot at taking ‘Kenya to the World’.

This is a phrase that has existed long before you crawled out of the US for Kenya to kick start your career that is still on the runway …Struggling to take off.

If anything, if anyone between you and Ms. Donna can actually take ‘Kenya to the World’, it’s definitely Tanasha Donna who not only posses the mettle but the willpower, the branding, the audience, the image, the resources, the connections, the hype and the abrasiveness to take it to the World.

Madam Bey-T, You cannot take any Country to the World with three mumble rap songs and grainy videos that were shot by your plastered high school crush.

Madam Bey-T, You don’t attack your fellow artiste for wanting to take the same County you both come from to the ‘World’.

Lupita Nyong'o and Trevor Noah. Acts who took their Countries to the World.
Lupita Nyong’o and Trevor Noah. Acts who took their Countries to the World.

It’s not how Lupita Nyong’o made it to Hollywood. It’s not how Davido made it to the Billboard charts. It’s not how Trevor Noah made it to the American Late Night Shows and it’s definitely not how Sudan’s Alek Wek made it to the Paris Fashion Shows.

Wanna take Kenya to the World? Then go ahead, Goddammit!

You don’t have to put down another girl attempting to fly your own County’s flag as well.. .

Madam Bey-T, You don’t take Kenya to the World with Instagram selfies and messy hair.

You don’t take Kenya to the World with a music repertoire the size of my butt.

You don’t take Kenya to the World by instigating infantile Instagram fights and making childish threats at girls your own age in the DM.

You don’t take Kenya to the World by mumbling your way through a soundcloud beat and hiring teen boys to shoot your videos.

You don’t take Kenya to the World while dragging along your 13 Instagram fanatics to a teenage fight for cheap, fleeting clout.

You don’t take Kenya to the World while banking on your Instagram cat-fights to help launch a bad girl demeanor disguised as a diss track.

You need to stop the nonsense and sit that ass at a little corner.

Cos at the end of the day, by the time Tanasha is done with you, you’ll be like a Zebra’s morsel after a visitation from a hungry pride of ferocious Serengeti Lions…

You may have Mr Eazi’s ear. But she has Mr Diamond Platnumz’ heart.

Baby Girl, believe me, You don’t want the smoke!