Why Coronavirus is a wake up call to do good for Kenyan politicians

We all seem to find the bad of this disease, Coronavirus, that has attacked and left us torn apart across the globe, but as time goes by, i ask myself, is it a lesson for human race.

Is God trying to send us a message? Is he trying to tell us that our ways are crooked and wayward?

Well, Coronavirus has taken lives of thousands of people, yet nobody is yet to come up with a cure of the virus.

As Kenyans, we have lived politicking about everything, including this pandemic called Coronavirus, but there comes a time to play, and a time to be serious, and this is one of those times.

But now we are living in tricky and unpredictable times where peopleare getting infected by the result each day, and sadly, we have no permanent solution to it.

We voted for leaders who we believed would solve our problems, including the health sector, or in times of a pandemic like this.

But we are witnessing a trying time where even those leaders have no message of hope. support, consolation or even vague promise of a bright future.

It is easy to count the number of leaders who have spoken to Kenyans about the tragedy that is covid-19, because they also seemingly are in the dark.

This is led by the Deputy President William Ruto who is one of the most vocal Kenyan politicians but has only spoken twice since the virus was confirmed to be present in the country.

The same applies to Opposition Raila who is known to comment or give an opinion about most issues affecting Kenyans, he too has also spoken twice.

As for our  MPs, Governors, Senators, Woman Representatives and Mcas, we will live to tell tales as barely an eighth of them have spoken to people who showed belief in them in the August 8 2017 general election.

The government is in the process of issuing food to those that are poor in our local communities, so it is only fair that our leaders get this service.

It is also politically and morally wrong for leaders to give us tshirts during campaigns but they cannot give us some food when we need them for survival

The government has over time given us directives on how to contain the virus as well as protect ourselves from it and it is only fair that we adhere to their directive, but while at it, ask yourself, did you vote for the right leader given the service, or to say the least consolation that you are getting.