THE SYMPATHY CARD: Edgar Obare, the man who leaked Jalang'o's sex scandal, hits back after comedian pleaded innocent - Viusasa News

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THE SYMPATHY CARD: Edgar Obare, the man who leaked Jalang’o’s sex scandal, hits back after comedian pleaded innocent


Comedian and radio host Felix Odiwuor, aka Jalang’o’s, world for the past week has been crumbling like a wet wall, thanks to the fast-rising paparazzi Edgar Obare.

Obare who enjoys immense following on social media, especially Youtube and Instagram, has been the thorn in the flesh of every celebrity.

Literally, you don’t know when your secrets will be made public, so you are living like a bird, always on the ready to fly away should the enemy strike.

Jalang’o has had it so rough after Obare leaked conversations from a WhatsApp group he (Jalas) created together with his boys. The Boys’ Club as they call it.

While Jalas maintains that the group discusses a lot of things, what Obare leaked to us are conversations on how the said boys chew girls and then compare notes.

They even appear to share some of the girls, some calling them food, etc etc.

Jalang’o is the most popular of the 10+ boys in the club, and it is understandable why he has been heavily criticised.

So on Thursday he came out to deny the allegations that the group’s main agenda is to have sex with desperate girls and compare notes among the boys.

Jalas said the group was created to uplift the boys economically, morally and… may be spiritually.

He, however, admitted that after the expose, some families have been broken, they have lost business and their image has been damaged. Jalas admitted they have the group but denied the idea is to chew women and discuss.

Well, the man behind the leaks has come out to blast the comedian, saying he is throwing around the sympathy card after he was exposed.

For starters, Edgar and Jalas do not see eye to eye. And not because of this incident but a previous one which happened in 2019. Story for tomorrow.

“He has the audacity to blame me for his poor judgement and problems, and has not even apologised to me! This truth you think will magically exonerate you, publish it,” Edgar hit back.

He added: “When you see men fall, don’t laugh. Learn!”



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