The irony of how publicly ‘independent ladies’ fully depend on sponsors

The recent sex scandal involving radio host and comedian Jalang’o and his ‘Boys Club’ has opened a Pandora’s Box, literally.

The whole discussion brings out what has been kept a secret. That some ladies who appear extremely independent in the public eye, only live off sponsors and ‘blessers’, as illustrated in our cartoon.

These are the ladies who keep setting standards especially on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, pushing aside potential men who are genuinely interested in their love and affection.

On their IG stories, they appear gallivanting in the niceties of some of the poshest places this country has ever given us, throwing in motivational lines in the name of preaching their independence, encouraging fellow women to do this and that to get to their level.

Yet, when darkness falls, they are busy performing gymnastics in Kileleshwa, Kilimani and Lang’ata for such ‘Boys Clubs’ whose members are moneyed.

To cement on the old adage that a woman is her own greatest enemy, these ‘independent women’ know pretty well these sponsors and ‘blessers’ are married men who have families depending on them.

Back home, the good wife and her kids go late into bed waiting for their ‘hardworking’ husbands to come back home, sometimes extremely worried and making frantic calls to their phones which have either been put on airplane mode, or muted as the ‘independent woman’ rides the man silly.

In their wallets, the sponsors have a photo of their kids and wife, which the ‘independent woman’ sees as she takes a sneak-peak to see what the ‘blesser’ is carrying.

The ‘blesser’ is literally bankrolling this ‘independent woman’, paying for every expensive trip and photo she takes for her desperate and loyal online audience.