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Singer Jimmy Gait announces retirement from music


It started with Nicki Minaj.

And now, singer Jimmy Gait has announced that he will be quiting music after releasing his final song which he recorded in India.

The musician who is one of the pioneers of gospel music says he will retire after the soon to be released video.

Although he did not reveal what he plans to do upon retiring, the musician promised to announce his next move soon.

For years, the musician has been the butt-end of odd jokes which was brought by his knack for riding popular trends in the hope of marketting his art.

Gospel singer Jimmy Gait. Photo Jimmy Gait/Instagram

The trick backfired badly, with the internet turning his every effort into a meme, watering down the career he had taken years to build.

Mr Gait returned to the country earlier in the week after almost a month of seeking specialized treatment in India.

He claimed that Kenyan doctors had misdiagnosed him with a throat condition which was rubbished in India as stomach acidity.

He is hoping his petition for better healthcare in Kenya will reach the president for action- so that Kenyans, regardless of where they come from , can access proper treatement.


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