Secret Couple? Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri’s sweet relationship leads to more lesbianism rumors [PHOTOS]

Beauty entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami, the proud owner of the popular Marini Naturals skin care products, is heating up the Internet as her 36th birthday kicked off with much vigor and pomp.

Michelle, a beauty celebrity on her own right, turned 36 in a way that many women would envy – with lots of birthday wishes online, full pageantry, thirst-inducing photos, colorful displays of glee and glamour and and outpouring of love from her rumored lover and BFF Makena Njeri.

Makena is a BBC news reporter and a former actress at the defunct Tahidi High TV show and both women (Michelle and Makena) have lit the internet a dozen times in the past over the nature of their very over-the-top relationship.

Unlike regular friendships, that entail a couple coffee date’s, normal night outs, a bunch of ordinary selfies and not too much romanticism, Michelle and Makena’s relationship has left many tongues wagging.

Makena, especially, adds more fuel to the fire after the nature of the extremely-worded Birthday Wishes she sent to Michelle when she turned 36.

Not one to be afraid of media scrutiny (herself a media person) Makena let it all out of the window by gushing over Michelle Ntalami, calling her the sweetest names, delving deep into their very deep relationship and repeatedly calling her ‘darling’ and ‘my love’.

On Instagram, Makena posted; Michelle darling 😘I don’t know what I did right in my life to make the universe bring such an angel into my life, but I’m definitely going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me feel.

How long has it been since the first time we met? It may have been just a few years but to me it feels like a blur. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having so much fun with someone you love that you completely lose track of time. I know I have matured and grown together with you. So my darling @michelle.ntalami Happy Happy Birthday, today is for the woman who has been with me through it all and still loved me unconditionally.”

In another post she wrote, Your sensual nature is something that will always make me hold my breath every time I see your beautiful pictures!! What a sight you are and yes you got me tripping most of the time because Damn you are SEXY!

It’s one thing to be beautiful but is quite something when you have such a gorgeous extremely sensual woman by your side through your friendship and love whose wholesomeness is unmatchable ♥️. I have experienced the most beautiful love with you Queen and it shows in every single inch of my existence . Baby you got me at hello and what a time to celebrate you darling. Happy Birthday you Sexy Queen!!”

All of these posts were accompanied by loved-up photos of the two in warm embraces, staring into each other eyes and looking like the happiest couple on Earth.

Neither Michelle nor Makena has openly ever discussed the nature of their relationship but many observers have pointed out to a very strong same-sex relationship between the two media personalities.

The rumors are also fueled by Makena’s obvious tomboy appearance – a known prerequisite for lesbianism.

We may not know what the two girls do behind closed doors, or who they sleep with, but the evidence is getting too heavy to ignore.

All in all, all the best girls!