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Samidoh: The Rise and Rise of a Kikuyu Superstar


Samidoh is one of the most- if not the most- famous names in the Kikuyu music fraternity as of May, 2019.

His face, compositions, voice and tunes have become a permanent fixture in millions of Kikuyu homes, neighborhoods, hang out joints, Clubs and villages.

Soft-spoken, mellow-voiced and blessed with a face that can officially be declared as handsome, Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, has risen from the trenches to become the most formidable Kikuyu superstar of our age; Breaking barriers, commanding masses, garnering millions of YouTube views and performing in countless Clubs weekend after weekend.

Last week, for instance, his new song Wendo Wi Cama, was trending at Number One on Youtube all week – The first for any vernacular singer in the history of Kenya’s YouTube metrics.

Samidoh was born and brought up in a tremulous family in Subukia and Nyandarua and, while still a child, lost his father.

Faced with insurmountable hardships, his mother and five brothers would soon after be kicked away from their Subukia home by his father’s brothers after which they settled in Nyandarua County to start a life that can be described as tumultuous at best.

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A few months after joining Form One, the singing sensation lost his Mother. And life took a nose dive that saw him sink deeper and deeper into despair and despondency.

Still, he soldiered on like the real-life Solider he would actually become in real life, clawing his way through his school and eventually, doing his Final Papers.

With no prospects or hope, Samidoh would soon after leave the village and come to the Big City from where he joined his elder brother, a drummer in Kamande wa Kioi’s music Band and settled as one of the band members for the legendary Kikuyu star.

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Mugithi Legend Kamande wa Kioi Photo/Facebook

And while still playing with Kamande’s band, traveling from Nightclub to Nightclub to entertain revelers, the self-effacing singer joined Kenya Polytechnic to pursue a diploma in Business and Information Technology.

But life had other plans.

After clearing College, Samidoh would soon find himself tarmacking and also lost his stint with Kamande wa Kioi.

He then decided to go back to the village where he found a job working in a Flower Farm.

But the music bug still remained. And bit harder than ever.

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And as fate would have it, Samidoh soon joined the Kenya Administration Police, got posted to Daadab and it’s from there that he launched his music career that has now blown up like a supernova.

His first song was the hugely-popular Ndiri na Mutwe Mwega which, as we speak, has amassed a mind-boggling 1.6 Million views on YouTube, a rare feat for a Kikuyu Benga singer and an exclusive Club inhabited by the likes of Willy Paul, Sauti Sol and Nyashisnki.

Two years since he launched his career, Samidoh’s fame has spread like an Australian Forest Fire… As his fortunes have grown bigger and bigger.

With hits like Niwe Ndarathimiirwo, Kairitu Gakwa, Tuhii Twitu and Ihoya Ria Samidoh, the unostentatious mega star has cemented his name as the Prince of Mugithi, making hundreds of thousands of shillings per weekend, pulling in hundreds of fans to a single show and creating a near-stampede in locations where his presence is rumored to be.

Samidoh’s fame has continued to grow with every release and as we speak, his latest hit Wendo Wi Cama , has already pulled in an impressive 400,000 plus views on Youtube just a week after the song’s release.

And it’s sitting pretty at the Top Ten of the Country’s Most Trending Videos on YouTube.

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Samidoh entertains fans at a past event Photo/Samidoh

His Live Performances, and this can be corroborated by anyone who has had the privilege of watching him work the mic, are stuffs of legend.

He evokes awe, magic, euphoria and exultation in equal measure as his jaw-dropping popularity inches closer to matching that of a hallowed Elected National Leader.

Barely 30, married and just at the start of the marathon of his life, Samidoh has quickly become a legend that has left many awe-struck and profoundly impressed.

Quite truly, a Star has been born.

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