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Revealed: Five things that Moi loved


Much has been said and written about Mzee Moi.

A man of many firsts, exploits, deeds and achievements, Moi was by no means a simple man.

He lived a fairly chaotic political life that was fraught with political upheaval, dissent, opposition and disturbances that characterized his long hold on power in Kenya.

But away from the madness of power and politics, Moi was also a normal human being who had everyday human emotions and desires and things he loved dearly.

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Some of those things have been disclosed today by some of the speakers who took to the podium at Nyayo Stadium to pay tribute to him.

According to the speakers, there are five things that Moi loved dearly.

1. Moi loved Meat
This was revealed by his last born son Gideon Moi who said that Moi loved his meat so much and would never slow down on eating it even after a health warning from his doctor. He especially loved the ribs.

2. He loved Forgiveness
This was revealed by his son Gideon Moi and also by Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga – a victim of his brutality – both of whom said that Moi believed in forgiveness and asking for forgiveness from those that he wronged.

3. He loved the Church
This was revealed by President Museveni who talked of Moi’s fondness for the Church and especially for the AIC Church that he religiously attended and was a member of till his last breath.

4. He loved The East African Community
This was revealed by President Museveni who talked fondly of Moi’s desire to see the unity of all East African Countries and the solidification of all East African states brought together by common values and goals.

5. He loved Family
Mzee’s last born son Gideon also talked of Moi’s love for his family, his children, his relatives and anyone called in his name. Moi brought up his children with steadfastness, discipline and unbreakable love.


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