Popular Youtube lovebirds Alpha Beta breaks up

Kenyan Youtube couple Alphabeta featuring Frankie- a fitness instructor and Maureen Waititu- a model and social media influencer have broken up…. this time for real.

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News of their break up and the kerfuffle that came with it crept on social media around June 29 ending their three-year dalliance.

Interestingly, photos of Frankie have curiously disappeared from Mo’s Instagram

Youtube love birds Alphabeta have called it quits on their “love story”. Photo/Maureen Waititu

This is not the first time that the love birds who have two kids together called it quits.

In late January, the couple posted a video to to their Youtube Channel and titled it  “The end”  and in it, dropped subtle hints that all was not well.

In the video, Mo spoke of her journey with depression and admitted that she and Frankie had grown apart for a smattering of reason.

At the time, She was supposed to go it alone on the Vlog while Frankie was to focus on his fitness gig which they claimed had gone to another level.

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In a sweet twist of fate, the two came back together and picked the telling of their love story from where they had left it.

Frankie Met Mo and fell in love… a photo from back in the day.. Photo: Youtube/Alphabeta

Viusasa News entertainment desk understands that the two now live separately and as a matter of fact, during the MÖET 150th Anniversary, they arrived separately and sat at different tables.

Speaking to a local tabloid, Maureen who refused to divulge details of their break up said they would adress their split when the right time comes.

The last video they did together was four month ago and it appears Mo has kept the channel going in the absence of her baby daddy.