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Popular Kenyan gay man Joji Baro denied asylum in South Africa


Kenyan LGBT activist George Barasa, popularly known as Joji Baro, has been denied asylum in South Africa as he seeks to leave Kenya over what he says is continued persecution.

Baro has now started an online petition seeking signatures to compel the South African authorities to grant him asylum.

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Joji Baro claims he has been denied asylum in South Africa

According to his petition that has garnered over 8,000 signatures so far, SA government deemed him not gay.

“The South African government must give George refuge from arrest and death threats in his homeland. Home Affairs must also start treating LGBTQ asylum seekers with dignity, respect and humanity as required by the law and the Constitution,” the petition says in part.

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Joji Baro says he has continued to face persecution in Kenya where homosexuality is illegal

Baro claims he has continued to face discrimination and persecution from the Kenyan community, and fears the punitive laws that make homosexuality illegal in Kenya are likely to catch up with him with time.

Baro has openly claimed he is gay and HIV+.

Baro wants to find refuge in South Africa where gay rights are protected

“I feared my life. And I decided to leave Kenya because I could no longer provide myself with protection and because threats had become more imminent. I had become a threat to the government and their policies which seeks to penalise LGBT rights,” Baro said of his desire to seek asylum.