People on Twitter are tired of the Bahati Reality Show. And want it SCRAPPED.

Kenyans on Twitter (and other places) have ganged up to pressure NTV about the Being Bahati Reality TV show that airs every Sunday.

The conversation was started by a viewer who, a few minutes while watching the show, recorded himself in front of the TV ranting about the show, it’s content and why we even were supposed to be watching it in the first place.

The man, enraged that this show was even on air as opposed to airing the many other ‘talented Kenyans’ called on NTV to scrap it altogether and give much more deserving content creators a chance.

Basically, something that a lot of people (including you, maybe) have been saying all along since the show premiered. 


Being Bahati is a typical Reality Show that follows around the celebrated Gospel artist as he does his day-today jobs, exists with his wife, engages in marital drama, raises his children, records music, performs and hosts celebrity guests at his swanky place.

You know, like the Kardashians but without the glitzy fanfare and the millions of dollars lying around. 

For months now, Kenyans have always given the show a very poor rating. Others have, in the past, vowed to never watch a minute of it. 

This dude seems to have been the Messiah sent to ring out the Word of the gods – This show needs to go.

But does it really? Well, it’s up to you, the viewer.

I personally watch it. Just to snooze off when I am tired.