Nyashinski shoots down rumors that he’s going to be a father

Rap legend Nyashinski has refuted claims that he is going to be a daddy soon.

The high-flying rap sensation, whose trademark dreadlocks, smooth voice, melodious tunes and cool demeanor has made him one of the hottest acts in the business, has shot down a tweet that announced that he was expected to be a father soon.

Nyashinski, the real one now, was reacting to a fake Nyashinski Twitter account that had made a fake announcement about the state of his fatherhood.

The fake account posted,

My wife and i expecting our first born in few weeks time. Am gonna be a daddy soon.

They even accompanied it with a photo of the suave rapper and his recently-hitched wife, Zia Bett.

But that’s all bollocks, according to ‘Shinski who tweeted ‘clown’ in response to the fake tweet. 

Well, hundreds of women must be happy that he will not be a father… yet.

Especially his notorious crush and NRG radio presenter, Rono.