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Nostalgic teenage games that millennials may never have a clue about


The arrival of the new millennium came along with new beginnings, including a change in games played by children born at its advent; the millennials.

Before then, those born between early 70s and mid 90s had some of the most exciting ways to spend their pastime, with some even discovering their talents through the games they played.

These are games that no longer exist, but we always reminisce about them and marvel at how fast they have faded.

With the technological development and the world becoming a global village, new things have come up, such as video games, to replace the 20th century games that shaped the early lives of African children.

We revisit some of the most intriguing activities that defined what growing up during that period looked like:

1. Bladder (kuruka uzi)

Very few millennials actually play this game, but it was one of the most played games among girls born btn the 70s and 90s.

2. Bano

Bano was one of the sweetest games among teenage boys, such that even girls always wanted to join. It was common among boys who had not undergone circumcision.

3. Katunja/Bird hunting

Yet another exciting activity among teenage boys especially in villages. Birds knew no peace as they were hunted by this ‘weapon’ from tyre rubber and a Y-shaped piece of wood.

4. Wire cars

This was one game that brought out the creativity in teenagers and even helped nurture their talents. Cars could be made from wires and tins, showcasing high profile talent.

5. Futaa

Teens, especially boys, could make round balls from polythene bags and sisal ropes, then hit the ground running bare foot. Since there were no uniforms, the teams were divided as shirtless and with shirts for easy identification.

6. Make a circle/ Bolingo Bayaya

Going round and round in a big circle as the dizziness set in was so exciting for teenagers. The game was well embraced by both girls and boys.

7. Vifuniko

Making carted vehicles from vibuyu and vifuniko za Kimbo was so intriguing.

8. Fruit gathering

A very common practice especially for those who grew up in the village. What was more exciting was how the teens helped each other climb huge trees like guava and avocado.

9. Duff mpararo/swimo/opari

Swimming, naked, in swollen rivers and stagnated water. This is where most teens from the 70s through the 90s learnt how to swim. By the time you leave the waters, your skin was so dry and peeled. Nostalgic!

10. Rope skipping

Girls really enjoyed this. They could skip rope from home to school and back home. It was one of the most exciting games among girls. Even boys started enjoying it.

11. Baiskeli

Literally this was all about pushing a worn out tyre of a bicycle or vehicle. Or even a lid of a packet.


How about sitting in a cut out bucket and your older sibling is pulling you around the compound, or even on the road?