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Men’s conference: A tactic to skip Valentine’s Day


The Men’s Conference, for yet another year, is trending, especially across the African continent. From Nairobi to Pretoria, Abuja to Addis Ababa, it is what men and women are discussing.

It is actually interesting that this conference falls on the same day and date as Valentines, a day when love is in the air and women, especially, expect to be treated by their men.

But you realise the conference is a tactic and plot designed by men to avoid spending on gifts and dates for their women, understandably, because of the tough economic times.

It is interesting that there are women, and even some men, who fall for this non-existent event. They actually believe it happens and so sometimes they excuse their men when they don’t come back home or are away for the conference.

The men’s conference was a creation of Kenyans on Twitter who ganged up to dodge the responsibilities of treating their loved ones on Valentines.

It was simply an excuse for their unavailability on this very special day for lovebirds. And since one has to treat their better half to the fullest on this day, there had to be every reason to claim a non-existence event that is the men’s conference.

And the genius of KOT provided a perfect solution and excuse to other men in the continent. South Africa and Nigerian men are extremely notorious with this imaginary conference.