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Kenyans ranked as the worst bullies on twitter in new survey


If you are Kenyan and are on Twitter, this is for you, YOU are a bully, yes, you.

A survey by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has ranked Kenyans as the worst bullies on Twitter.

In the survey which Kenya tops and Canada comes last at position 171, Kenyans excelled in their ability to come together and attack their common enemies, as well as deconstructing both real and perceived enemies.

Others who ranked highly include South Africa on second place, Nigeria on the seventh place while the humble Tanzanians were second last.

Kenyans have been known to viciously attack anyone who falls on the wrong side of Kenyans on Twitter, with little regard for truth, facts or any benefit of doubt that can be given.

While some cases are well deserved, others are just casualties of Kenyans on Twitter doing what they know best. Some have had their careers built on Twitter, only for the same Twitter to destroy them.

Among the major casualties of Kenya’s bullying on social media include prominent persons, brands, politicians and even countries.

Various brands like CNN and New York Times now have to think twice before they Tweet about Kenya, while celebrities like Daniel Marven have realized that they better stick to singing and not mention Kenya or Kenyans.