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Jackson Kibor welcomes men without beards to the controversial Men’s Conference


If you don’t have a striking beard and you read somewhere that the controversial 2020 Men’s Conference will not admit you… breathe easy.

The self-christened chairman of the conference, Mzee Jackson Kibor (86) has rubbished claims that men without beards, or those who speak Soprano, will not be admitted to the conference.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen TV from his palatial home in Eldoret, Kibor said the conference is for all young men as it will help educate them on how to become responsible adults and family oriented.

“Vijana wote wamealikwa kwa hiyo mkutano kwa sababu itawasaidia waache pombe na waishi maisha mzuri. Hakuna kubagua mtu kwa hiyo conference. Kila mtu amealikwa (All young men are welcome to the conference as it will help stop alcohol abuse and live well. No discriminating anyone),” Kibor said.

He said even the death of former President Daniel Moi, his close ally, will not stop the conference slated for this February, preferably between February 8 and 14.

Kibor is known for controversially divorcing his wife of over 50 years and marrying a spring-chicken, accusing his ex-wife of deserting their matrimonial home and denying him his conjugal rights.

Here is the video: