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Its over: Mike Sonko’s daughter parts ways with new lover months after launching lavish club


A post that Mike Sonko’s first born daughter Saumu Mbuvi made on her Instagram account appears to confirm her break up with her recent boyfriend.

” I make mistakes, I get myself in stupid situations that I would have avoided from the start  I get used, I fail but one thing for sure, I never give up,”  her post read’s in part.

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As if to make a statement that she has hit the road once again, Saumu has also deleted all the lovey-dovey photos of her and her man from her social media account.

From where we sit, it  looks like it’s a break-up a year for this unlucky mother of one.

Agnes Saumu Mbuvi and her now ex-lover, Mr Ouko. Photo: Saumu Mbuvi/Instagram

Viusasa News  understands that Saumu and the Porsche-driving lad only identified as Ouko parted ways just a few months after the launch of Club Wakanda. 

The club which sits at the upmarket Krishna centre in Westlands was a joint venture between the two lovers although the percentage of the investment remains unknown.

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According to an employee who works at the club, Saumu who was previously handling all the club’s marketing has not been seen at the premises for over a month.

And as a matter of fact, Saumu who previously used her populous accounts on social media to publicise clubs events stopped the blitz and even un-followed the club’s Instagram account.

Saumu and Ouko at the launch of Club Wakanda late last year. Photo: Club_Wakanda/Instagram

Saumu acrimoniously broke up with her former boyfriend and father to her daughter Ben Gatu in March 2017, days to her delivery day, claiming he was using her for his political ambitions.

Saumu Mbuvi and her first ex-lover Ben Gatu who is also the father of her daughter Sasha. Photo : Ben Gatu/Instagram

Since then she has been living her life under the radar until early last year when she started posting pictures of herself with Ouko with whom she has since broken up.

Their budding romance however was greeted with scandal after an online user accused her of wrecking the home of a yet to be known woman after snatching her husband.

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Ouko, many online have noted, has an uncanny resemblance to Jared Otieno, the flashy City businessman who is currently in Police Custody after being adversely mentioned in the Fake Gold scandal.

This may not be the last time we will be reporting on Saumu Mbuvi’s romantic dramas and the break-ups that most definitely follow right after.

And you can rest assured that her next will be filled with just as much intrigue, drama, suspense and tail-spinning twits and turns.


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